Return to Office (RTO) Services:

Site Surveys

Teksetra brings in certified technicians to perform site surveys in 4 simple steps:

  1. Take inventory in each cube or workspace.
  2. Document what equipment is needed and where.
  3. Send the site survey results to your IT team.
  4. IT team or Teksetra orders equipment to standardize each workstation or complete the equipment setup for each cube.

Equipment Installation

We offer professional installation services for when your equipment arrives to ensure everything gets up and running.

Technical Support

After setup and return to office, technicians are available for on-site for support functions, including fixing any technical issues with equipment.

Conference Room Setup

We can create a fully customized AV solution designed to fit your budget and your vision for your conference room.

Project Services

Let us take another thing off your plate by helping you to complete your IT projects in office with an expert team of experienced project managers on your side.

Contact Us

Whether your challenge needs a quick fix or a complex solution, our team is here to help. Talk to one of our technology experts today.


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